Extended weekend travel numbers similar to 2020 holiday

NOW: Extended weekend travel numbers similar to 2020 holiday

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--For over a year now, big holidays have been a major concern with health officials nationally, and even here locally, due to an increased chance of community COVID-19 spread.

Today marks Labor Day. It's one of the holidays that officials have kept their eyes on since last year’s Labor Day holiday. Due to the amount of people still unvaccinated, the delta variant continuing to spread, hospitals straining, and cases beginning to dangerously hike again, health experts are concerned of yet another COVID-19 spike after the holiday is over.

Coming into the extended weekend, the CDC gave new guidance to Americans, suggesting that they avoid travel, especially for those who are unvaccinated. The White House COVID-19 Response Team, is backing this too, and saying being vaccinated should be a part of your holiday check list.

As of Friday, going into the holiday weekend, the TSA has screened 2 million people at checkpoints. In comparison to during that same time last year, TSA saw a total of 2.6 million people go through the airport.

American Airlines reports that from last Thursday to today (Monday), there are over 26-thousand flights planned to head to over 300 different destinations.

If you decide to drive instead of fly today, the best time for you to do so is before 11 AM, and the worst times is between 1 and 5 PM. Coming back home on Tuesday, the best time to drive is after 9 PM, and the worst, between 2 and 9 PM. Keep in mind the roads will be just as busy as the airport, because many opted for what they think was the safer travel option this year.

Health experts ask for you to do your part, mask up, and follow the normal safety guidelines to protect yourself and the community.

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