Fairfield Community School opens onsite health clinic for staff

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Fairfield Community Schools has announced the opening of an onsite clinic for employees that will provide complimentary visits for chronic medical issues, acute care, and routine wellness check-ups, among other health services.

"By offering this clinic, we aim to decrease the number of claims submitted to our healthcare plan,” said Fairfield Community Schools human resource director Brittany Rosenberry. “As healthcare claims significantly impact insurance costs, our objective is to maintain stable premiums while keeping our expenses low. Moreover, this clinic plays a vital role in reducing absenteeism and promoting overall health and wellness among our employees."

There is an Open House scheduled for Thursday, May 23, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. that will give the public a chance to come view the new facility, which is accessible to all staff members enrolled in the school corporation's health plan.

The clinic will also provide a wide range of over 100 free lab tests and a comprehensive list of available generic medications at no cost.

Organizers of the open house ask that guests park in the Fairfield Jr. / Sr. High School parking lot located across the street.

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