Fall colors starting to invade Michiana

NOW: Fall colors starting to invade Michiana


Fall is right around the corner and the leaves on the trees around the area will start changing before we know it. There might be even be one or two trees that are already changing thanks to the recent cool spell we had one week ago. But, almost all of the trees in michiana still have their green color. Only in the northern tip of lower Michigan and the upper peninsula.

But, those of you who are ready for widespread fall colors will but, by mid and late October, that's when all the pretty reds, oranges, and yellows will be popping throughout the region. Southern portions of the region have a later peak time, but if you really can't wait for the fall colors, head up north for a weekend. Michigan has a sooner peak time when compared to us.

The process of those changing leaves is actually pretty involved and a few different things have to come together. As the season shifts from summer to fall, the sunlight we see every day starts to decrease, not only in intensity but also in amount. As days get shorter and cooler, chlorophyll in the leaves will start to break down. Chlorophyll is the chemical that gives the leaves their green color. Natural yellow and red colors in the leaves are able to show themselves as the green fades away. And the weather can greatly affect how long we see the fall colors and how vibrant they are. An early frost can actually weaken the colors. Overcast skies and rainy weather can increase the intensity while potentially stripping the leaves off the trees in heavy rain/wind. The best viewing conditions are cool, dry, and clear high pressure days.

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