Fall sunflower season starts Thursday at Thistleberry Farm

NOW: Fall sunflower season starts Thursday at Thistleberry Farm

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The sunflowers are in full bloom for the fall, so Thistleberry Farm plans to open their flower field to the public starting Thursday.

Imagine a field full of golden sunflowers- not just any field, but a farm of six acres full of flowers. That's exactly what you'll see at Thistleberry this fall. The field is a popular location for both professional photographers and selfie-savvy individuals to take pictures. You can also cut your own sunflowers and zinnias to take home a bouquet.

The dates and length of the sunflower season depend greatly on weather, according to the co-owner of the farm, Dave Frushour.

"It's been so dry," he commented. "We hope we get a little rain here in the future, that would be nice, just to settle the dust if anything else. It'll prolong the season a little bit for those trying to come out."

Because of the dry weather this month, the flowers bloomed a little earlier than expected. While they initially were planning to open around September 18, the new plan is to open on Thursday, September 16 since the flowers are ready to go.

The public won't have to worry about visiting on a day when the flowers aren't in bloom or past their prime. Once the flowers wind down for the season, they will pick a closing date. However, right now, they are aiming to make it through October 3.

"Usually we get a good two weeks out of them," Frushour explained. "Maybe we'll get a little bit more."

If there is decent rain in the middle of the sunflower season, it could extend it for a few more days.

Even if it doesn't rain, Frushour is hopeful to draw a large crowd this season.

"It'll be beautiful weather to come out and take some pictures," he said about the potential for dry weather. "And that's what most people come out to do."

The farm knows that people love taking photos, so they take great care to set out unique props throughout the field. You can go on a scavenger hunt to find these props. Some include: antique couch, swing set, stage coach, even the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

"You're really farming for looks, not for crop," Frushour said. "It's all about how it looks. You know you don't want any weeds, you want it looking great."

And while the sunflowers look great, they may not be for everyone in your family. There are other things to do at the farm to keep everyone entertained. There is a corn maze, jumping pad for kids, pumpkin patch, and delicious food to enjoy.

You can bring a dog to the sunflower field for photos, as long as they are on a leash.

If you want to take home some sunflowers for yourself, you can cut and purchase individual sunflower stems or zinnias. The farm will also have large mason jars for purchase to take the flowers home. Remember to fill your jar with water from one of the farm's spigots before cutting your fresh flowers.

Admission to the sunflower field is seven dollars per person. You can follow the farm's Facebook page or their website for updates about how long the season will last.

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