Families testify against fat report cards

BOSTON -- Families are testifying this week against "fat report cards" that are getting sent home with their children.

Nurses in 21 states measure a child's height and weight and use those numbers to get their BMI which is a strong indicator of obesity but some parents say it is a flawed system.

One mother's son is a state champion wrestler but came home with a letter saying he was obese.

"If a child called Cameron fat in school, he's be in trouble for bullying but we allow the adults to do it," said the mother. "I noticed that they were kind of sad that they got it, that they'd stop eating, they'd eat half their lunch when they usually eat all of it."

Other families taking their case against the Department of Health say the government is overreaching but supporters of the program say some parents need a wakeup call to get their kids healthy.

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