Family and friends plea for public to help find Sherry Houston's killer

NOW: Family and friends plea for public to help find Sherry Houston’s killer


ELKHART, Ind. -- 57-year-old Sherry Houston was found dead in her Elkhart home on Tuesday. Investigators have ruled it a homicide and family and friends are now forced to mourn on this holiday weekend. 

"I'm the one who made the call, because I called and called, and texted and texted, and I couldn't get her. And I knew that wasn't like her," says Reverend Alfred Houston, Houston's husband. 

It was the call that went unanswered .

That's what tipped off family and friends that something was wrong with Houston.

"She had filed many incidents with the police. Incidents that she had been stalked, the window was broken out, and guns being stolen," explains Houston. "It was just a mess."

He's now forced to mourn on what should have been an Easter weekend filled with family, friends, and festivities.

"I was looking forward to a much better Easter. And to be much more festive than it is right now," he says. "Now, I'm going to have to mourn this weekend."

His world is shattered.

So is Elizabeth Ragsdale's. 

"She was more like a mom to me than a best friend," she say through tears.

She called "Miss Sherry" her mom.

Her two sons called Houston "grandma."

"She was my world. There's not just one thing I'm going to miss about her," adds Ragsdale. "I'm going to miss everything about her." 

Family and friends are just beginning to mourn their irreplaceable loss.

But they say, they want justice and for the person who they believe did it, to pay for what they say he did.

"It bothers me that she didn't have any enemies," says Ragsdale. "And there are people out here who know exactly who did it."

Family and friends said that they were told by law enforcement, that they do have someone in custody.

However, investigators said that they are looking into a couple of suspects.

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