Family and friends react to Starke County murder: 'why did this happen?'

NOW: Family and friends react to Starke County murder: ’why did this happen?’


Family and friends are asking ‘why?’ after 35-year-old Cord Colgrove was shot to death Friday night in Starke County.

“I loved Cord so much, and I told him all the time how much I loved him and how much I would be hurt if anything ever happened to him,” said Cord’s older brother, Shae Colgrove.

Shae Colgrove’s younger brother, 35-year-old Cord Colgrove, was shot in the face and killed Friday night in the 1400W block of 400S in North Judson.

“Who could do this to him and why? Why did this happen?” said his older sister, Millissa Murdoch.

They’re still waiting on an answer to ‘why?’, but police have arrested two suspects in connection with Cord’s murder: 30-year-old Edward Blackburn and Cord’s ex-girlfriend, 39-year-old Augusta Hadden.

“But for someone just to shoot someone, that’s crazy to me. I don’t know how someone could live with themselves after doing something like that,” said Shae.

The only evidence left of a murder happening on that dirt road is one stain of blood.

“It’s just shocking that it was right down the road. Usually stuff like that doesn’t happen here,” said Cord’s close friend, Samuel Hulme.

“I am numb. I am so numb,” said brother Shae.

“There’s no bringing Cord back. We have his memories, which are amazing,” said sister Millissa.

“He was good at everything, um, he was just a big kid, he had just never grown up, you know,” said Hulme.

“I just want everyone to remember Cord for the athlete, the amazing brother, the amazing friend. He would do anything for anyone,” said Millissa.

“Don’t get me wrong, he was a wild kid, but he was the best guy I have ever known,” said Shae.

His family says Cord wouldn’t want them to cry.

“Everyone should smile and have a drink for Cord, because that’s what he would want,” said his sister.

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