Family fun inside due to cold temperatures and snow

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Michael Pierrat, Megan Hollowell and her daughter Sienna decided to get off the snowy roads and come ride on a snow free track instead.

"Because I get cold too quick", said Megan Hollowell.

The manager of Strikes and Spares in Mishawaka says the snow brings the bowling alley a lot of business.

"After a while we get pretty busy once it snows", said Strikes and Spares Manager Katie Schoenfeld.

And Katie Schoenfeld said with bowling, games, and go karting all inside.  She can see why folks decided not to brave the cold.

"I wouldn't be out there very long it is freezing," said Schoenfeld. "I would rather be inside"

Sienna said she doesn't mind playing inside with her family.

"I just like being here and having some fun here", said Sienna.

Especially because she always wins the race.

"We almost lapped him", said Megan Hollowell.

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