Family loses everything in fire

ELKHART, Ind. --  A family is without a home after an overnight fire engulfed their house, their belongings, and Christmas presents.

Where a tan and white house once stood, a burnt frame and pounds of ash now stand in its place.

"Every bit of it is gone," says homeowner Ashley Frost.

Their family lost all of their belongings including keepsakes, toys, clothes, food, appliances, and all of their Christmas gifts.

Thankfully, everyone in the home made it out safely aside from the family pet, Darryl the rabbit.

The day started early around 2 a.m. when Ashley received a text from her husband, Donald Frost, who was just wanting to check in with his wife. Donald has been in the hospital for over a month now having surgery after surgery to try and fix his broken leg, broken back, and cut on his head he sustained from an ATV accident.

Thankfully, Donald texted his wife, because she says she is a very heavy sleeper who would not have gotten up the second time if not for his message.

The next time Ashley woke up, all she saw was red.

And all she could smell was smoke.

"I sat up in bed and all I could see was the laundry room on fire."

Immediately, Ashley started to yell for her four children--Karly (9), Dalton (11), Holly (12), and Laney (13) to wake up and get out of the house.

Leaving their home without even shoes on their feet they sat in their car and had to watch their beloved home burn.

After calling 911 at 4:24, the Cleveland Township Fire Department came and put out the fire.

ABC57 reached out for further comments and information regarding the fire however the shift Chief was unavailable to give any information.

Now grieving the loss of the home that once was Donald's parents and where his children were growing up, Donald and Ashley say finding any hope is difficult and they feel like God is testing their faith, especially with tragedies striking just 5 days before Christmas.

Both parents teared up at the thought of their children without gifts this Christmas after they had been preparing since July to provide a beautiful Christmas for their family.

However, even in the darkest time of their life--the family says they are praying others learn from it.

Donald says, "Check your fire alarms, smoke detectors, go through them. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else. No one else."

Link to the families Go Fund Me page.

For anyone looking to donate clothes, gifts, money, or time--feel free to contact Ashley Frost directly at (574)-340-9615.

Preferred sizes:

Donald- XLarge sweat pants, 5XT shirts, size 12 shoes

Ashley- 3X men's t-shirts and 15-17 stretchy pants

Older girls- XL men's shirts, 15-17 stretchy pants, and size 11 shoes

Youngest siblings- Clothes kids 18 and size 6 shoes

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