Family loses horse in massive Smithfield Stables fire

Twenty animals died in Tuesday's massive Smithfield Stables fire. One family spoke about the pain of losing their horse in the fire.

For Ariel and her mom Rhonda Tishel, the thought of their horse, Breezy, being burned alive, is almost too much too bear. 

“All I could think about was that Breezy had to have been very scared and that breaks my heart,” expressed Ariel.

Tears streamed down Rhonda's face as she explained, “Horses have their own unique personalities and they are very loving.” 

Ariel continued, “I don't know if it is because of their size, they are not an animal that you just pick up and cuddle so when they trust you and reach out to you and show you that they have feelings for you too, it is an amazing feeling.”

Breezy was one of twenty animals that did not make it out of the inferno.

“She was just a character, she would run and buck, she was awesome to ride,” Ariel remembered.

She says she will never forget her precious moments with Breezy. 

“They always say that to ride a horse is like flying without wings and it is kind of true because, they have to trust you in order for you to be able to take control of them like that.”
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