Family member speaks out after deadly Elkhart hit and run

NOW: Family member speaks out after deadly Elkhart hit and run


ELKHART, Ind.- A horrible crime scene unfolded overnight on the corner of Beardsley Avenue and Cassopolis after a driver ran over multiple people, hit two vehicles and then sped off.

There are five victims. The family tells ABC57 there are three dead including an infant.

Two are still in the hospital and family says one has been released.

One of the parents of the victims, Jeff Mikel, speaks up about the incident.

“My daughter Alison Mikel was walking with the group when the accident occurred,” says Mikel.

Mikel says he got a call from the hospital Saturday night. “Alison is doing fine. I was talking to her during surgery. They were stitching her mouth and she is fine now.”

Around 9:20 Saturday night, Elkhart Police responded to a crash near the corner of Beardsley and Cassopolis.

When they arrived, they found one person dead on the scene and evidence laying all over the road.

“I think it’s terrible we have a street light right here, it’s a quiet area, it’s just terrible when people do stuff like this,” says Mikel.

“It’s pretty horrific. Our guys are doing pretty good job. They’re doing everything they can at this point to continue investigation,” says Sergeant Chris Snyder, with Elkhart PD.

After the investigation, Elhkart Fire came to help clean up the crime scene. Snyder says the suspect is still on the loose after speeding away from the scene.

“Here you got a group of individuals who are walking down the sidewalk doing what they’re supposed to be doing and got hit by a vehicle, right now for unknown reasons,” says Snyder.

Right now, Mikel is grateful that his daughter is alive “God had her in his arms, because she’s going to be okay.”

There is no description of the suspect’s vehicle, but there are some hints to look out for such as a dented front end.

There has been some conflicting descriptions of the vehicle, but police have not officially said what type they’re looking for.

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