Family member speaks out after Granger home explosion


 A massive explosion rocked a quiet neighborhood in Granger.  Friday evening, two of the four victims were released from the hospital.  Officials say the Ellenberger's house erupted in flames, and at this point in the investigation, it appears it may have been a natural gas-fueled explosion.  

Austin Ellenberger wasn't home with his family at the time of the fire, but his mother, his sister, and his sister's boyfriend were all inside the home at the time of the explosion. 

Austin says he first found out about his family through some text messages from friends, and called his dad to check on his family.  

"The best thing was just getting on the phone with someone," says Austin.  

Austin says it was an emotional day, but officials on scene said there were only minor injuries reported. 

"We're still a family, we all have each other, and that's the most important thing, we can replace stuff that's in the house, but we couldn't replace a human life," says Austin.  

Officials are still investigating the exact cause of the explosion.  

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