Family of Avery Brown rejoice after Mayberry's guilty verdict

NOW: Family of Avery Brown rejoice after Mayberry’s guilty verdict

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - “I just praise god cause I knew the outcome,” Avery Brown’s mother, Linda said.

The heartbroken mother of a Mishawaka murder victim finally getting some sense of closure as the suspect is found guilty by a St. Joseph County jury.

After just hours of deliberation, the man accused of killing brown inside the bathroom at Bleachers bar was found guilty of murder.

Timothy Mayberry is now waiting to find out how long he'll spend in prison after killing Brown last September.

Friends and family of Avery Brown were heard chanting “A.B forever, A.B forever!”

Today Mayberry has been found guilty for the murder of Brown and also a firearm enhancement meaning Mayberry's sentence could get lengthened even more.

And brown’s mom,

“I’m just overwhelmed with this situation. I just praise god cause I knew the outcome,” Linda said.

She said she knew he would be found guilty because she knows her son.

“I had peace and I knew who Avery was and all the good things that happened in Avery’s life, I knew that they’ll overcome what’s going to be what I expected it to be. I got what I was looking for,” she said.

The room, full of people, full of love.

“Gave me strength every day. Avery was love. Everybody loved him and they came out to support him and that’s what kept me going. The love that he shared, that’s who he was,” she said.

Many even sporting bracelets to show support.

“I guess I’m happy that justice was served in some kind of way, however, we’ll never get Avery back, see Avery, talk to Avery again. Just going to keep him alive in our memories best we can,” Brandon Brown, Avery’s cousin, said.

And when it comes to closure?

“It’s still a loss for our family,” Brandon said.

“We’ll never have real closure,” Linda said.

“They say the best present a person can give you is their time and he gave us his time, that’s all we could as for,” Brandon said.

ABC57 reached out to the family of Mayberry, but they declined to speak.

Brown’s family said their next step is the annual memorial basketball tournament put on in Brown’s honor, a way they’re keeping his memory alive.

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