Family of Elkhart hit-and-run victims want answers

NOW: Family of Elkhart hit-and-run victims want answers

ELKHART, Ind. — Cries for justice continue on the two-month anniversary of the hit and run that killed 3-people in Elkhart.

Two others were also hurt in the deadly incident.

Thursday night, the family of the victims took to the corner of the Cassopolis and Beardsley to demand answers.

The family says a cloud still hangs over that intersection a couple weeks after the tragedy.

“Eight weeks has gone by and for some of us it feels like a week or two,” said William Smith, father of the victims.

On August 26 three people, 8-month old Dolly Smith, 11-year old Courtney Smith and 22-year old Shawn Wolcott, were killed in a heartbreaking hit-and-run.

“To have the closure behind this we need to know what happened that night and who’s responsible for that night,” said Smith.

Thursday, teddy bears replaced crime scene tape that wrapped the street weeks ago.

But loved ones say, no amount of candles and gifts can take away the tears they’ve shed.

“The hardest part is we’re not looking at one victim. It was 50 percent of our family,” said Smith.

They’re still looking for answers and frustrated they’re not getting them from police.

A representative from the department told ABC 57 News it has no new updates at this time.

So while they wait, the family pledges to return to their memorial until they finally get closure.

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