Family of murdered Benton Harbor teen speaks out

the family of slain 17-year-old karlos kelly is speaking out about the deadly sunday shooting. police have one suspect in custody and they are searching for suspected shooter, 18-year-old anthony walker. 

police have arrested seddrick walker for murder and they are seeking daquantaries williams for questioning. 

abc57’s alexandra koehn joins us live in blossom acres apartment complex in benton township where the 17 year old was shot and killed and she talked to the vicitm's family. 

(alex live) colleen, like you just said police are actively searching for 18 year old anthony walker who investigators believe murdered karlos kelly. 

while police looks him, kelly's family is mourning, they are broken, and want they want justice.  

(pkg) jakarla kelly, victim’s sister sot: “yall took a piece of me. that’s my only brother i got. i got nobody else. they took him away from me. wake me up in the morning and tell me it’s ok…”

it’s a nightmare jakarla kelly will never wake up from---the murder of her 17-year-old brother karlos.

his sisters tell me he was murdered in cold blood sunday in benton township. 

their last memory of him—a facebook video someone posted of their brother’s lifeless body in the street. 

kalasandra and jakarla kelly, victim’s sisters sot: “i got on facebook and saw a video of my brother laying there dead… bloody… his face everything.. blood everywhere. why would they put that on facebook.”

witnesses told the sisters that karlos was playing basketball at the blossom acres apartment complex when there was a disagreement over money so he left.

 moments later kalasandra says there was a drive by shooting—her brother, the target, told kids in the neighborhood to run.  

kalasandra kelly, victim’s sister sot: “he pushed the little girl and told her to run. and they shot him. and pulled off like it wasn’t nothing. who would just kill somebody so innocent, he didn’t do nothing.”

today children barely old enough to understand the gravity of this life and death situation, lit candles and placed roses in the street. 

kalasandra kelly, victim’s sister sot: “this is the hardest thing i’ve ever been through, like that’s my only brother. can’t nobody bring that back.”

meanwhile the kelly sisters are worried that justice will not be served. the shooter is still at large. and witnesses are scared that if they talk, they will be killed too. 

kalasandra and jakarla kelly, victim’s sisters sot: “she scared to testify on them the person that did it because she didn’t want to get killed. she doesn’t want to lose her life and she’s scared.”

(alex live) today at 6 there is a vigil here in the apartment complex that i will bring you a live picture of within the hour. 

*graphic* also let's show the mugshots of the wanted shooter one more time. 


police are searching for suspected shooter 18 year old anthony walker. 

they have 18 year old seddrick williams in custody for murder. 

and they are asking that 18 year old daquantaries williams turn himself in for questioning.  

(alex live) if you have any information on their whereabouts, call police.

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