Family of Norman Gary sue Elkhart Police in civil lawsuit

Wednesday, the family of Norman Gary sued two Elkhart Police Officers in a federal wrongful death lawsuit.

Gary was shot and killed in Elkhart in December.

Police were initially called out for an unrelated burglary and heard gunshots coming from decamp avenue.

Two officers fired several shots but it's still unclear if an officer's bullet is the one that ultimately hit and killed Gary.

The lawsuit was filed by family member Lameka Gary and is seeking unspecified damages in excess of 75 thousand dollars against the two officers: Sergeant Nathan Lanzen and corporal Leonard Deolshenko.

The suit claims the officers used excessive force and caused Gary's death.

Those close to him are saying six weeks after Gary’s death, it is still very painful because they don’t have answers.

Jasmine Kyle was part of Gary’s family.

“I believe it’s been difficult for everyone involved. No one has received many answers about what took place,” said Kyle.

As the investigation into Gary’s death continues, those close to him are hoping officials open up to the community about what happened on December 4th.

“Somehow we hope this strengthens the community and brings people together. And shows Elkhart does care about the community and people here,” said Kyle.

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