Family of three kids killed in bus stop crash reacts to Alyssa Shepherd's interrogation video

NOW: Family of three kids killed in bus stop crash reacts to Alyssa Shepherd’s interrogation video

Fulton Co, IND. --- This weekend marks the three-year anniversary of a horrific crash in Fulton County, when 9-year-old Alivia Stahl and her 6-year-old twin brothers Mason and Xavier Ingle were killed.

ABC57 has obtained the full video of Alyssa Shepherd's interview with police just hours after the crash in 2018.

Shepherd was charged with three counts of reckless homicide and criminal recklessness after she disregarded a school bus with its stop arm out, killing three siblings and injuring another young boy.

In her interview with police after the accident, she appears calm and collected.

When asked when she realized it was a school bus she passed Shepherd had this to say.

"I saw kids and then there was a crash and it happened so fast. And all of a sudden, I'm trying to call and I'm like a horrible wreck and I'm screaming 'I hit kids I hit kids.’ And I'm searching for my phone and that's when I realized that's a bus and that's children."

Michael Schwab, the grandfather of the three children killed, says Shepherd shows no signs of remorse in her interview.

He’s especially troubled by her description of the moment she made impact, killing his grandchildren.

"One part of [the interview] where you hear her go 'and bam' it's outrageous to me. That bam was my grandchildren being killed and another boy being injured. She never mentions them again. Makes no acknowledgment of what happened." Schwab said. 

You can watch the full interview of Shepherd's police interrogation here. 

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