Family on the road to recovery after home explosion

INDIANAPOLIS – Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly caused a deadly explosion that leveled parts of an Indianapolis neighborhood.

Chad and Abbey Jackson lived in the neighborhood and are on the road to recovery. But it is a difficult and somber road to navigate.

On the night of the explosion Abbey grabbed her kids while her husband tried to figure out what happened.

Screams from the neighbors told them to get out of their house.

The family made it out of the neighborhood.

And it was three days before they could return to their home.

The damage to their home is extensive.

“Just trying to maintain myself as a mom to take care of my kids, but try to deal with my emotions, as well,” Abbey Jackson said. “I’m just trying to pull it together so I can be a mom.”

The powerful blast moved through their home off its foundation. And it will have to be demolished.


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