Family speaks about 2-year-old Serenity Wilson's death


The family of Serenity Wilson is speaking out exclusively to ABC 57 News for the first time since the death of the 2-year-old on Saturday.

Police say the child was injured around 9 a.m. on Friday by her mother's boyfriend, 23-year-old Shane Weedling. Although she was unconscious, her mother did not bring her to the emergency room until 2 p.m. She died as a result of those injuries on Saturday night.

Weedling has been charged with neglect of a dependent and is currently being held at the Marshall County Jail.

Serenity's aunts say the charge simply is not enough.

"She was really happy. She could light up a room. Aunts and nieces they have that special bond," said Jennifer Rowe, Serenity's aunt.

Aunt Jen and Aunt Sherry had many hopes for their niece Serenity, her first day of kindergarten, high school prom, and one day a wedding. They hoped to be there for Serenity every step of the way.

"To be able to come and talk with you aunts, that's probably what I'm going to miss the most," said Rowe.

But instead of hope for Serenity's future, her aunts are now seeking justice for her death.

"Our whole family is heartbroken and devastated. It's like a dream that she's gone," said Sherry Mackey, Serenity's aunt.

The family says the details of the abuse Serenity endured far surpass Weedling's charges and that he isn't the only one who should be held accountable for her death.

"We just want everybody who was involved to pay for what they did and we don't want them to even be given the opportunity to hurt any other children," said Rowe.

While under her mother Christy's care police say Serenity's injuries indicated the abuse was going on for a few weeks.

"There's no way that you could have been giving her a bath as a mom or changing her diaper and not see all the bruises around her pubic area," said Rowe.

Serenity's injuries also included bite marks and the critical head injury that left her unconscious Friday morning, causing her brain to swell.

The family also says a rape kit conducted on Saturday came back positive.

"She could have saved Serenity. She could have done something. How do you not know that your child is being abused?" said Mackey.

Although her aunts say there's nothing that will fill the void left by little Serenity, they hope learning the truth will bring peace to the injustice of her death.

"We just want everybody held accountable for what happened to this little girl. Be accountable, tell us what actually happened so that our family can have peace and Serenity can have justice," said Rowe.

The family will be meeting Monday to make funeral arrangements. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to alleviate some of those costs for the family. Find out more information about how you can donate here.

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