Farmers begin planting crops

Farmers begin planting crops
WYATT, Ind. -- On Friday, local farmers started planting the first crops of the season. Farmers called Friday “break day,” the day when everything breaks loose and they can finally farm their land.

"In an ideal world we would be 10 days in. Last year we were 30 days in by now,” said farmer David Schrock.

Spring got off to a slow start across Michiana, giving farmers no choice but to sit and wait.

Last year's spring came early, but this year Mother Nature was extremely late.

"I talked with a friend of mine in Indianapolis earlier in the week and he said I got my corn planter still in the barn-- a year ago it was in the barn but I was finished,” said Schrock.

Even though things turned green later than he hoped, he doesn't think it will affect his bottom line.

"It really depends what happens from here going forward. I mean it's all dependent on what the weather is going forward,” said Schrock.

For now he's hoping the 60 and 70 degree days continue.

The owner at Wyatt Sales and Service agrees. His business grows when farmers plant.

"We're busy when they're busy so yes. Not much was happening yet, so it’s only going to get busier from here,” said Ron Holderbaum, owner of Wyatt Sales and Service.

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