FBI warns law enforcement agencies of possible terror threat

The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching and with it comes concern over possible terrorist attacks.

The annual Fourth of July fireworks show in St. Joseph, Michigan draws thousands of people to Silver Beach each year.

But this year, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are warning law enforcement of heightened concern over possible ISIS related attacks.

Police with the St. Joseph Public Safety Department and the US Coast Guard said they are keeping the threats in the forefront of their minds and will follow the usual precautions they take each year.

“There have been some non specific threats made by ISIS and so forth to target law enforcement and to target major holidays like the Fourth of July. We're aware of it. The staff is aware of it. The local FBI office is aware of it. And of course our local agencies are aware of it. So we'll be vigilant to look for signs of that. And if we see any, we'll investigate them,” said Mark Clapp, Director of Public Safety.

“What we promote here is if you see something, make sure you say something. Call your local authorities. Let somebody know and we'll get it taken care of,” said Brigitte Baskin with the United States Coast Guard.

Police said they will be taking the usual precautions, and attendees will not have to go through any additional security measures to enjoy the show. 

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