Feds: million-dollar drug run was headed for South Bend

Feds: million-dollar drug run was headed for South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A million dollar drug trafficking operation was intercepted in Oklahoma, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said it was headed for South Bend.

The sting spanned almost across the country, in Oklahoma.

It was a routine traffic stop in Yukon, Okla., west of Oklahoma City, where police were said to have found probable cause to examine the interior of an alleged drug trafficking vehicle.

Cops said they then found almost 130 pounds of crystal meth as well as cocaine hidden inside duffel bags.

The drugs seized reportedly have street value of up to $1.2 million.

Authorities said it was all headed north, where it was arranged by federal agents to be delivered to the intended person Tuesday, in a neighborhood bordering Harrison Elementary.

Bradley Michael Burns is accused of conspiring to traffic drugs and currently booked in St. Joseph County Jail.

There is no official word on when he’ll see a judge.

Burns also faces a felony weapons charge on top of the smuggling.

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