FEMA, IDHS assessing flood damage in 29 counties

The unforgiving storms this summer left significant flood damage in counties all across Indiana.

Help may be on the way for areas struggling with clean up costs.

Since June, Marshall County has seen severe flooding in many areas like Plymouth.

That’s why it’s one of 29 counties being assessed by Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

That's an assessment that could mean monetary support for the local government.

Blocked roadways and knee-deep floodwaters was the reality for Marshall County residents just a month ago.

June and July were unseasonably rainy all over Indiana, but some counties felt it more.

“The amount of rain that came down in the short period of time flooded many of the roads in the city of Plymouth and also out in the county,” said Clyde Avery, Marshall County Emergency Manager.

Avery has been at the front line of damage control for the county.

He says clean up this summer has been expensive.

This week, Avery has been in contact with FEMA and IDHS because his county could use some relief.

“In the end it’s going to help citizens as well because it will help replenish those local budgets so that there isn’t as much burden on the local taxpayer,” said John Erickson, IDHS Pubic Information Director.

Relief that could help a county drowning in clean up costs.

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