Fiddler's Hearth and ABC 57 prepare for The Great Chefs Big Event

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— In a few weeks, local celebrities and chefs will be asking for your vote to support the Y.M.C.A. of Michiana.

ABC 57’s Krista Fogelsong is teamed up with Fiddler’s Hearth, in downtown South Bend. Friday Krista and her partner, Chef Tony Nafrady, cooked up some Celtic specialties to try for their signature dish.

They has everything from sausage, brisket, cabbage rolls and duck scotch pie.

Nafrady had this to say about picking out the right dish, "I just wanted to find something unique something that doesn't come around that you won't find down the street something I can control the size of and that I like.”

They will announce which dish they picked on February 1, and that is when voting begins.

The Great Chef’s Big Event is Saturday, Feburary 25.

All of the money raised goes to support local Y.M.C.A. programs for kids.

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