Fight club working to end gun violence

NOW: Fight club working to end gun violence

LA PORTE, Ind. --- Seeing people fight it out in a backyard ring might not be the most common, but for one La Porte neighborhood it’s normal. 

Fight Flix has been around for exactly a year — giving members a healthy alternative to gun violence.

“Just come in the ring, if you got beef settle it the right way. There’s no reason to pick up a gun and just take someone’s life," said Brian Gifford, Owner of Fight Flix.

Gifford who’s also known as BK, founded the club after his best friend Tyler lost his life in the crossfire of a dispute. 

The incident which happened back in 2020, drastically impacted the La Porte community, especially Tyler's family. 

“The way Tyler died isn’t the way Tyler lived. So, for him to be taken that way he was judged. His family was judged. You know, he was a gang banger, he was this, he was that, but that wasn’t Tyler. This would’ve been more Tyler than anything," said Kristin Vitale, Tyler's Relative.

Tyler loved to wrestle with friends like BK, which is the way his family hoped people would remember him by —instead of his tragic ending. Wanting to honor his legacy BK decided to start Fight Flix. 

“He got the idea of like trying to like curb gun violence and so he did this," said Vitale.

Open to everyone the club has grown to include even people across the country, but no matter how much it grows Tyler's memory is still always present. 

“It was supposed to rain and be a really bad storm today and it’s not, so I feel like he helped us out with that," said Gifford.

You can learn more about Fight Flix here.

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