Fighting Irish younger and hungrier for championship

It’s been 8 months and 3 days since Notre Dame last took the field against Ohio State in the fiesta bowl and lost 44 to 28.

A disappointing end to last season, but that's all in the past.

This is a new fighting Irish team that's younger and hungrier for a championship.

Head coach Brian Kelly addressed this in a 1-on-1 interview a couple of weeks ago with ABC57’s Allison Hayes.

"Well they're very athletic. We know that they're playing at home, certainly they remember what happened last year. I think first and foremost we have to do the ordinary things ordinarily well and that means taking care of the football. First game you're always looking at mistakes and special teams turning the football over if we take care of those things we have a pretty good football team too. But we're playing on the road. Hostile crowd, a lot of young players for the first time they've got to manage the game and settle in quite well if they can do that we should be in pretty good shape,” said Kelly.

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