Finding the right facility for an aging loved one

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- In a city as large as South Bend, a significant number of people are getting older. That's why the state of Indiana started a pilot program here, called a Senior Resource Center.

Many Michiana families face the difficult decision as to whether a loved one needs long term care.  The options are endless-- and the internet can be deceiving.

"Certainly when it comes to the care of your own parents it's an emotional situation," said Becky Zaseck, President and CEO, Real Services. "Clicking through websites you're gonna see the best of that particular facility unless you know exactly where to go."

Not all facilities are the same.

There is licensed assisted living like the Hearth at Juday Creek. They receive more funding and can offer more services.

There's non-licensed assisted living like Waterford at Edison Lakes. Without the perks of licensing, services are more limited.

Wellness and Rehabilitation Centers focus more on physical therapy and encourage patients to find physical independence.

Lastly, there's combined independent and assisted living like the Sanctuary at St. Pauls that give patients both options.

This might seem like a lot of choices-- choices call-takers at Real Services are trained to help you make.


"We're a non-profit agency, we don't really support one organization or another," said Zaseck. "We give great information and we allow that family then to make the decision."
Each family's situation is unique- but the report cards on cannot be argued. It's the first step of many on the search for the best care. 

"Visiting the nursing facility on off-hours, requesting a meal, requesting to talk to staff, requesting to talk to residents as well," said Mike Reaker, coordinator, Age and Disabled Resource Center.

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