Fire crews warn of leaf burning in spring

South Bend fire crews battled a field fire on Nash Road on Monday.  No injuries were reported, but crews are reminding residents about the dangers of leaf burning during this time of year.  

April is the worst month for these types of fires, because the snow has melted and the winds tend to pick up.  

"Temperatures start warming up and everyone wants to get outside and start cleaning up their yards after winter," says Captain Ellis with the South Bend Fire Department.

But there's a couple things fire crews want you to remember before you start your spring cleaning. 

Within the city limits of South Bend, you can't burn leaves. 

That same rule goes for most Michiana cities, but in the county it's a different story. 

You can burn there as long as you follow ordinances.  

"If you do decide to burn your leaves, do it in some type of approved burn container, and have a garden hose or some water nearby," says Captain Ellis.  

Yard waste collection begins in the city of South Bend on April 1.  

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