Fire in Elkhart highlights the good in the community

A house fire in Elkhart has left one family's home destroyed.

The father was the only one inside the home at the time of the fire, and he got out okay.

The fire started in the back of the home and completely damaged the house and a van that was parked in the driveway.

“I actually was going outside to let my dogs out of the back and I was in the backyard with them and I look down and I saw black smoke,” said neighbor Kendra Fultz.

Fultz lives on Valley View Drive, a street where neighbors are advocates for one another, family to each other and built in security systems.

“Even my neighbor will come out and check on my house and make sure no one is messing with it when we're not home. Even take my trash out when we don't ask them to,” said neighbor Paul Roell.

When Fultz saw smoke fuming from the house, it was almost instinct to take action.

She ran over and saw her neighbor running back in his burning home.

“My son and I ran in after him. It wasn't too bad in the house at that point in time, we managed to get him out,” said Fultz.

She said the value of life was more important than anything he was after in the house.

 “I knew that everything is replaceable, but he is not,” said Fultz.

Roell felt he could do something to help too, so he directed traffic until first responders arrived.

“I know there's traffic that comes down here so I decided I could stop traffic,” said Roell.

They both said either one of their homes could have burned too and that is why they did not even hesitate to help.

“Oh my goodness, it's terrible. I couldn't imagine losing everything,” said Fultz.

While firefighters fought the fire, the neighbors were not only thankful no one was injured but thankful for the community they reside in.

“Definitely what this neighborhood is about right here. We all look out for each other,” said Kendra Fultz.

“I love this community, I love this place out here,” said Roell.

Currently, the fire is still under investigation.
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