Fire officials say some outdoor lights are causing fires

NOW: Fire officials say some outdoor lights are causing fires

Most of us have them, lights attached to our homes to help us feel safe. When you buy those outdoor lights, you’re essentially doing it to protect your home. But firefighters say this tool is doing anything but that in some cases and now they have a message for residents.

“Keep an eye out if you have them because we would hate to lose a house because of it,” said Brandon Chiarello, Asst. Fire Chief of the Lincoln Charter Twp. Fire Dept.

A tool meant to help protect your home could be the very tool that brings a safety concern.

After responding to a damaged home on Kristene Street in Stevensville this week, fire officials are warning residents everywhere: if you have this solar-powered motion detector light called Everbrite made by “As Seen On TV” attached to your home or deck get rid of it.

“The homeowners called us, they went out to dinner, came home, and they noticed a big black spot on the side of their house. A light had caught fire. Luckily it burnt out by the time they called us,” said Chiarello.

I followed up with those homeowners about that fire  and the L.E.D. device.

“It’s been up here for about 12/13 months and we came home Monday night. What we found left was the residue and the burn mark,” said Joe Ferencevich, the homeowner.

“The homeowners actually got very lucky because right below where the light was, was their gas meter, so if caught fire, it probably would have destroyed their whole house,” said Chiarello.

I did some digging after firefighters warned me of other cases and found that this is a common occurrence. Numerous buyers say the same thing has happened to them.

“After the incident we looked online and it’s been pretty popular and there’s been some issues with them. Immediately that night we had a bunch of people who gave feedback and say that they’ve experienced it too,” said Chiarello.

Residents like Ferencevich say he may have gotten lucky, but that might not always be the case.

“Yea this could have been very, very serious with the gas line there, the electrical system right next to it. Could have been.. a lot worse,” said Ferencevich.

ABC 57 News reached out to the company Wednesday evening and we’re waiting to hear back. Once we get that response, we’ll be sure to update you.

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