Fire ravages home, family digs through rubble

NOW: Fire ravages home, family digs through rubble

GOSHEN, Ind. -- Three fires, just about one mile away from each other, ravaged two homes and one boat in Goshen.

Both homes were unoccupied, but one home was filled with irreplaceable memories. 

It doesn't seem real to anyone.

"There was a devastating fire last night," says Elizabeth Brown.

She lives three doors down, from where flames ravaged a cherished home on 9th Street. 

"It's devastating. It's sad. It really is," she says. 

But those words don't even begin to cover the emotion felt by Jeffrea Brown and her family.

It was her grandparents' home.

"I'm just glad my grandparents weren't there," she says simply.

They passed away this past year.

And now, a lifetime of memories are literally up in smoke.

"My whole childhood is in this house and it's gone," says Brown through tears. 

Fragments of lives are now charred, torn, and turned to ash.

"I didn't want to come over here because it hurts really bad," explains Brown. "I don't understand why someone would do this."

Police are still investigating what happened, but do have a person of interest in custody.

It's a treasure hunt through the rubble to find any hint of remains.

"Oh my, these are my baby pictures," says Brown, picking up torn pictures. "This is me. This is my mom."

She spent some time picking through her burnt belongings, trying to find memories and trinkets.

She found a teddy bear, nestled in the corner of the house, blacked and ripped.

"I think this is my little boy's. He got it for Christmas one year," she says. 

In a heap by the front of the yard, Brown found something special.

"[This is] a little trinket y grandma bought me when I was little," she says with a sad smile. "I don't know if it still works."

She cranks it.

It played.

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