Firearm hunting season begins

VANDALIA, Mich. —Thursday is the first day of firearms for hunting season, which means all those deer hunters were running out after work last minute to stock up on ammo.

Hunters all over Michigan will be lacing up their boots and dressing in their camouflage in hopes of bagging one big buck.

“A lot of kids will be off school and guys take off work, so it is pretty much a holiday; not federally regulated yet,” said Bryan Williams, owner of Trails and Sports.

So it is no surprise that Williams has had one hectic day.

“It has been very busy.  We got a lot of late traffic coming in; guys getting off work and rushing around trying to get things together,” said Williams.

But he is not complaining because all of the deer chasing is making him a lot of dough.

“Three or even four times a normal Wednesday maybe more,” said Williams.

Williams said license sales have been through the roof.  

“Mostly licenses, ammunition, and hunter orange clothing,” said Williams. “In times like this with the economy the way it is, it is great to provide people with the means to provide for themselves a guy will kill a deer, put it in the freezer and have meat for all winter.” 

Williams store will be opening bright and early at 6 a.m. for any hunter that needs a last minute item.

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