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Firefighters prepare for 100-degree temperatures

GRANGER, Ind. --  Staying cool isn't easy.  Just ask area firefighters who are keeping their fingers crossed for the best the next few days.  They put on a demonstration exclusively for ABC 57 Wednesday night using one of their own firefighters as a "heat stroke victim".

Fire Captain Anthony Van Es says he and his crew actually never give a heat stroke victim a bottle of water for fear of vomiting.  Instead, they administer fluids intravenously.

The captain also says the first thing he and his crew do is get the victim in a cool environment, then they try to cool the victim's core body temperature down with cold rags.  He said the first three hot days of summer are the worst days for heat stroke, because people working outside do not realize how how it is and how it affects their body.

He also says the people most at risk are those working in the blazing sun and the elderly people who are home alone.  He says staying hydrated with water may seem like a basic concept, but he says heat stroke is no joke and he has seen some pretty bad cases of it.

"A few years ago we had a woman in a car. Windows up. Summertime. It got to the point where she was unconscience due to the heat. At a certain point, your body won't produce sweat. Your core temperature just keeps going up," said Fire Captain Anthony Van Es.

The captain also said part of his prep for the heat tomorrow includes looking out for his firefighters.  He already has additional fire companies on hand to relieve his guys and he has packed plenty of water.

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