Firework ordinance not being followed in Elkhart County

NOW: Firework ordinance not being followed in Elkhart County

ELKHART, Ind -- The County released an ordinance for fireworks 12 years ago and years later, people are still not following the rules.

Although the holiday has not arrived, the fireworks are already starting to pop.

Citizens seeing things from two perspectives as some are fine with lighting fireworks throughout the day and night, while others would like a break at some point.

The ordinance states that from June 29th - July 9th, fireworks are allowed from 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. or two hours after sunset.

Most of the complaints flooding the timelines on Facebook, asking that people be more sensitive to those who wake up early for work and those who have pets.

"Well when we put the ordinance together it was in hopes that we could silence some of the fireworks and give them a time in which they can do it legally. Everybody can do it and when that time period is over, we were hoping it would die down." said city councilman Arvis Dawson.

Unfortunately, not everyone is making life easier for those who want the fire works to stop at the required time and some are asking law enforcement, to step in.

"Just know that we’re out there trying. We’re getting to as many of them as we can, as fast as we can. Typically, on our shift we run from call to call and when you throw in firework complaints, it puts us that much further behind." said Elkhart Police Department Lieutenant Travis Snider.

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