First 70 degree day of 2021

NOW: First 70 degree day of 2021

For the first time in 2021, South Bend temperatures climbed above 70 degrees on Tuesday.

We recorded a high temperature of 73 degrees on March 23. The normal for the day is 50 degrees, so we were running about 23 degrees warmer.

It hasn't been too long of a wait since our last 70 degree day. Remember that we had a warmer stretch in November, with a high of 75 degrees on November 10, 2020.

Typically in South Bend, the first 70 degree day isn't until March 30. We're running about a week ahead of schedule. In 2020, we were slower to climb into the 70s, with the first date in April.

While the warmer temperatures might feel more comfortable for us, it can lead to problems. Don't forget that we are in the middle of a mostly dry month.

The driest March was in 1915, with just 0.41 inches of rain for the entire month. Through March 23, we have only picked up 0.36 inches of rain for the entire month. We do have more rain chances this week, so we likely won't end as the driest month, but we could land in the top ten driest if the trend continues.

Remember as you enjoy the warmer temperatures outdoors to avoid burning. Dry weather and dead vegetation makes us susceptible to brush fires.

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