First of its kind LGBTQ clinic opens in Goshen

A new health clinic is helping a largely under served population find the health care they need. Its the first of its kind in the state specializing in medical care for transgender patients and the entire LGBTQ community. 
Ryan Everett is transgender. He began his transition back in 2011. After his supportive doctor retired, he was left looking for someone to deliver that same sensitive care.
"To find a new doctor and have to divulge and go through that process," said Everett. "It was a little frightening." 
That's when Everett found Mosaic Health and Healing Arts. It's the brainchild of Dr. Katie bast and her partner Mixhi Marquis.
"She and I really wanted to create a space that was welcoming for people who have felt marginalized in the medical system," said Dr. Bast.
During her residency Dr. Bast became interested specifically in transgender care.
"When I started to do the transgender work I realized as I was training to do hormones for transgender individuals that I was the only doctor in northern Indiana who was doing this," said Dr. Bast. "People were going to Chicago or they were going to Cleveland."
"I knew a handful of people from just circumstances and they were also concerned with the shortage of doctors that were willing to take care of a trans patient or willing to even start the process," added Everett.
Dr. Bast quickly learned that shortage went beyond transgender care and included everyone across the LGBTQ spectrum. Since opening their doors July 1, the staff at  Mosaic has seen that concern first hand.
"I hear that story almost every day," said Dr. Bast.  "I'll have somebody sit in my office and just say I never thought I would find a doctor. I never thought I would find somebody that I would feel comfortable to call up and say -- I have a cold."
They're now hoping they've created a space that will calm those fears -- from the friendly faces to regular support groups and even massage therapy.
"Caring for people as whole beings is so important," said Dr. Bast. "Our emotional life, our mental health, our spiritual health is all tied up in our physical health."
"Everybody is just trying to find a place and be there authentic self and I think this the best and safe place that I have found in this area," said Everett.

Mosaic is currently accepting patients. They are at about half their capacity.

The official ribbon cutting is Saturday October 1 at 10:00 a.m. They are located in the Ash Wing on the Oak Lawn campus in Goshen.

To book an appointment call 574-537-2680 or visit their website

Mosaic Health and Healing Arts is a non-profit. They still have some work to do to make the clinic fully functional. You can help support their cause here

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