First soaker in ages!

Lately, in every forecast, the word of the day is isolated or scattered or hit or miss.  Never was that more evident, than with the showers and thunderstorms, Saturday.

Glancing around the newsroom yesterday, it was fun to see the look of wonder in my co-worker's eyes as sheets of rain were falling outside our windows.

It has been such a long time since we saw a drenching rain!  And, it poured at our studio.  Buckets and buckets.  Now, I am not trying to rub it in for all of those folks that did not see any rain, I am just telling you!  It really did rain.  A lot.  And, very hard in South Bend.

At the airport, the official measurement was 2.11", and we are not very close to the airport.  It is safe to say, we got at least that much!  Many area parking lots had pools of water, which evaporated into steam as the sun came back out.  It was a very interesting day, to say the least!

The drought is far from over, but at least for a few days, we can say we are above normal in terms of rainfall for the month of July!  For the year, though, we are still 4.30" below normal.

Here are some 24 hour rainfall totals ending at 9 a.m. Sunday:

New Carlisle: 2.31"

South Bend Airport: 2.11"

Walkerton: 0.78"

Wanatah: 0.78"

La Porte: 0.47"

Buchanan: 0.15"

Mishawaka: 0.05"

Rochester: 0.05"

Warsaw: 0.03"

North Judson: 0.02"

Benton Harbor: 0.02"

Francesville: 0.01"

North Webster: 0.01"

Watervliet: 0.01"

Winona Lake: 0.01"



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