Flash flooding a widespread problem in South Bend neighborhoods

NOW: Flash flooding a widespread problem in South Bend neighborhoods

Wednesday’s heavy rain once again brought fears of flooding to folks in South Bend. 

Localized flash flooding has become a widespread problem.

Scared neighbors are now asking officials for help.

Eight months after the south side neighborhoods were ravaged, the threats of heavy rains are causing panic in other parts of the city.

Donna Morocowski has lived on the north side since the early 60’s.

While she has experienced minimal flooding in the past, what happened last August opened her eyes to the kind of damage that can be done to that particular neighborhood due to the water run-off she says comes from Castle Point Apartments via a man-made drain.

Morocowski and fellow neighbors say the county needs to take action.

“I would think so, especially when it comes down from Castle Point because they are higher than we are. It just seems like something should be done,” said Morocowski.

The complex is located on a hill just a few hundred yards away.

The water is causing all sorts of problems including a giant sink hole in her backyard.

One couple on the city’s west side is pleading with the city for help after rain water flirted with their doorstep just a few weeks ago.

Nancy English has lived on the west side of South Bend for over 16 years.

“It’s not just us, it’s the people across the street, and this neighbor over here. The street just seems like it just drops. There’s no sewer here. We’ve been asking for the past four or five years to put a sewer in,” said English.

ABC 57 News reached out to both the county and Castle Point Apartments, but both were unavailable for comment Wednesday.

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