Flint Mayor: Four water resource sites to remain open indefinitely

By Carrie Laine

Flint, MI (WNEM) -- Four water resource sites in Flint will be kept open indefinitely in a deal cut with City of Flint and State of Michigan officials.

The resource sites in Wards 1, 4, 6, and 9 will remain open.

Currently there are nine locations where Flint residents can go to get bottled water and other aid as they deal with the water crisis.

A settlement reached earlier this year gave officials the ability to close all the locations once water quality standards tested below action levels for two, six-month periods.

Tests show that the City of Flint water system has now tested below lead and copper action levels for that amount of time.

Seven water location sites will remain open until Sept. 5, and at that point, the number will be reduced to four.

Residents are still being urged to use filters as pipe replacement continues throughout the city.

As of this week, crews have replaced more than 2,520 pipes since the Fast Start program began, according to Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.

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