Flooded roads affecting business deliveries

ELKHART, Ind. -- Flooding on State Road 15 in Elkhart is causing problems for drivers and businesses.

"It's scary because you don't know what is underneath it or how deep it is and in some areas you got to go through it," said driver John Blackthorn.

The road is barely passable.

But it was one of a few drivers could drive through without getting stuck.

Business managers like Brian Decker said it's affecting deliveries that need to be made to the surrounding community.

He says flooding and snow has them reconsidering how many deliveries they can make because they either can't reach certain businesses- or some are shut down.

"It's just challenging for our workers to work outside and deliver our products. It has been a tough winter for our industry," said Clint Decker of Better Way Products.

Until then he is remaining optimistic that roads like this are cleared soon- and is looking forward to the end of the harsh winter.

"It's just been a challenging winter and hopefully it will be over soon," said Decker.


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