Flood waters cover roadways as more rain is on the way

NOW: Flood waters cover roadways as more rain is on the way

OSCEOLA, Ind. - Rain, rain, and more rain - that’s what’s forecasted for the next 5 days. And with more showers, comes flooding for some neighborhoods.

Whether you’re in Wakarusa...

“Every time it rains it floods over there," Ryan Parcell, one Wakarusa resident said. "We call it our swimming pool never seen any fish.”

Or Osceola...

“Maybe a foot deep that’s pretty normal," Erin Phillips, one Osceola resident said.

“Probably 5 or 6," Valerie Jones, another Osceola resident said.

It just depends on if you’re next to a stream or live on low ground.

"The street is always flooded even in minimal rain it usually floods pretty quickly but the creek is still low so that’s where we’re keeping an eye out," Phillips said.

For some in Osceola, this is nothing new.

"Every time we have a bunch or rain. It will start on the right side of the street and filter over into the left side and I ended up buying a bigger vehicle just so I could get through," Jones said. "If you do a little car you can’t – you get stuck on the other side of it.”

Tana: It’s a dead-end?

“It is a dead-end at the other side and when we get a lot of rain a lot of the trees on the other side will fall too," she said.

In 2018, this neighborhood saw over 10 inches of rain due to a nearby creek.

"It’s not supposed to go over the embankment of the creek but it does and when it does it pools in and around the house... it’s a little scary,” Jones said.

"That was an issue, we had to leave one car here," Phillips said.

And just last weekend, it was also the sight of major storm damage.

“We just had a tree fall, thankfully not on the house," Phillips said. "And then all the trees up there had fallen on the powerlines so we were out of power.”

But with multiple days of rain in the forecast, high water levels are a worry.

“I’ve already got 3 trees down and I’m going if I got flooding on top of it, in my backyard, it’s devastating," Jones said.

“Now it’s just a waiting game, we wait and see," Phillips said. “If it’s this bad tomorrow if the creek is high, we’ll start moving things out of our basement. There’s not much else you can do.”

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