Florida State fans prep for cold game at Notre Dame

NOW: Florida State fans prep for cold game at Notre Dame

NOTRE DAME, Ind.-- Snow isn't something Florida State University fans are used to.

The first snowfall of the season calls for Notre Dame game day weather preparations and FSU fans are in for a complete 180 degree change in their usual game weather.

With a low in the upper 20's in the forecast, Notre Dame is gearing up for the game and fans are doing a little of their own.

Seminoles fan, Nancy Smith, said "I'm wearing about five layers of clothes and I have three more to put on for tomorrow night because it's very cold here."

Her friend, Becky Lathrop agreed saying, "Us Florida residents aren't used to sitting through a football game in the snow. It's going to be anew experience for us tomorrow night."

Notre Dame prepared for all weather elements and says the staff has drilled the plans down to a tee, and they're going to continue with the usual protocol.

Mike Seamon, Vice President of campus safety and events, said, "Our staff is ready for this. They've been pre-treating all of our concrete, our roads, our side-walks so it doesn't freeze up so people are safe. Make sure our buildings are open tomorrow, game day Saturday, so if people want to get out of the elements and warm up a little bit, we're certainly welcoming them to do that."

Smith said, "We missed a few days of work, we traveled 1,000 miles and nothing can stop us from watching our Noles play at Notre Dame."

Seamon said the university is doing everything it can to keep fans warm, but is recommending that everyone plans ahead.

"During the game, the best advice is dress warm. It's every person for themselves. The weather is the weather, and you're used to it if you're in South Bend, you may not be used to it if you're from Tallahassee but our best advice is to dress warm tomorrow." 

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