Flying V Messengers

 Since early August, a group of three guys have been delivering items on bicycles all across South Bend.  

They transport documents, food, and letters from South Bend to Notre Dame and IUSB.

The trio says they enjoy being outdoors so they will deliver anything to you for free and you decide how much to tip them.

ABC57 talked with people on Eddy Street to gauge their interest in free deliveries.

Some people were not interested in the free delivery because they felt uncomfortable without a set donation price. 

Others said they would be happy to give the Flying V Messengers a call because they want to avoid leaving their homes in the winter.

Although the Flying V Messengers rely on donations to keep their services going, they say they just want to do it to stay connected to the community.  

The creator of the Flying V Messengers will be speaking at Ignite Michiana on November 21st.  

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