Food bank needs donations of turkeys, hams

The Food Bank of Indiana is having a tough time helping local families this holiday season. They are asking for donations of ham and turkeys.

Just Wednesday 73,000 pounds of goods were donated to the food bank, but they say those will be gone within a week.

Over the next couple of months, the food bank expects to serve 50,000 people.

In this economy, it’s rare that people donate meat.

And in some cases, people who used to be donors, now turn to the food bank in need of help around the holidays.

“So much of the holiday season is focused around food. When you gather with family and friends and it has to be very, just hard for those who aren't able to participate in that,” said Marijo Martinec, Director of Community Impact, Food Bank of Northern Indiana.

With turkeys and hams being such hot commodities this time of year, the food bank says all donations will help make someone's holiday very special.

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