Food banks see increase as many residents prepare to receive much-needed stimulus relief

NOW: Food banks see increase as many residents prepare to receive much-needed stimulus relief


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- When the extension for unemployment benefits expired, the financial pain for thousands was compounded. As we are set to receive another round of stimulus relief, many residents welcome the help, as they look to get back on their feet.

“We have had a 37% increase in the amount of pounds we’ve distributed,” said the CEO of the Food Bank of Northern Indiana Marijo Martinec. 

As the $600 new round of stimulus is prepped to hit bank accounts, many who are struggling are looking for any help, as many have in the year 2020. 

 “We will have a record distribution for our foodbank, through November we distributed almost 10.5 million pounds of food. Last year for all of 2019 we distributed 8.8 million,” said Martinec. 

With unemployment benefits of $300 a week approved, along with the $600 checks, The Food Bank of Northern Indiana hopes that will slow down their surge in traffic. 

“The community food pantry of Saint Joseph county, over the past year, has had a 62% increase in the number of new households,” said Martinec. 

As many receive the stimulus or benefits, financial experts understand how important saving is walking into 2021.

“Include investing in your budget, it’s still important to invest, and if 2020 has shown us anything it’s really important to have that emergency fund,” said the Owner of the Financial Resource Group Paul Farthing.

Investing, or saving, whether it be $1 or $100, anything helps, and budgeting is key as many out there hope to improve their financial situation moving into the new year. 

“2020 has been challenging in so many ways, and so much more important things than finances, but it is important that people look at their situation and seek out help if that’s what they need in their financial lives,” said Farthing. 

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