Food expert and Iron Chef America Judge visits South Bend

SOUTH BEND --Italian culinary food expert and "Iron Chef America" judge, Mario Rizzotti, made a visit to South Bend as part of his "4 The Love of Italian Food Tour."

Earlier Saturday evening, the chef, who is a judge on Food Networks' "Iron Chef America," made a stop a Tippacanoe Place to meet with food lovers across Michiana. Rizzotti says he wants to spread his passion for Italian food across Indiana.

"Definitely choose Tippacanoe because it's one of the nice historic places in South bend, Indiana. When I see everybody enjoy their dishes or asking for an extra dish, that's my favorite part of the tour," Rizzotti said. "And also when people leave knowing what's real Italian and what's not Italian."

The dishes of the night's Italian wine dinner included rissotto, panna cotta and lemon sorbet. 

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