Food trucks coming to South Bend

More dining options will be rolling into St. Joseph County. Food trucks were on the menu at the South Bend Common Council meeting.

The Department of Community Investment along with the health department and the public safety department all agreed to fix up the restaurant ordinance to include the portable dining options.

The council passed the bill unanimously Monday night, meaning after a few important signatures, entrepreneurs can start the application process.

“It’s a great opportunity and it’s something I think we need here in South Bend,” says Common Council member Oliver Davis.

In the ordinance, trucks can park in outlying areas of the city.

“In the Nello Park, Ignition park, all these different places where we can bring food to the people,” says Davis.

One point of concern on Monday was parking. The question raised, can trucks park anywhere? The answer, no.

“I don’t believe there will be a parking issue because it will be regulated all over town,” says Davis.

Food trucks cannot park in residential areas, they cannot park within 1,000 feet of a school and they can’t park in 1 hour parking spots.

To apply, people interested will pay a $5 application fee and then if approved they will pay a $525 annual licensing fee to the city.

The committee agreed to revisit the issue after a few months to work out any more kinks.

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