Footage shows moments leading up to deadly South Bend Crash

NOW: Footage shows moments leading up to deadly South Bend Crash

SOUTH BEND, Ind – Surveillance video shows the moments before a South Bend Police car and Erika Flores' car collide at the intersection of Western Avenue and Kaley Avenue.

ABC57 News obtained the surveillance video from a nearby store showing one patrol car driving down Western Avenue, and moments later South Bend Police Officer Justin Gorny drives-by in his patrol car.

The video shows the first car without its lights on and the second car had its lights on but it’s not clear if the emergency siren was activated.

According to Flores’ family 22-year-old Erika Flores was on her way home from work when the accident happened.

Both Gorny and Flores were transported to Memorial Hospital.

Gorny was released a few hours later. Flores died from her injuries.

Sam Centellas of La Casa De Amistad says despite the family’s loss they’re thankful for the support from the community.

“They’re grateful that the community has come together, I think it’s powerful to see that the funeral home was packed on Wednesday night with friends, family, and local business owners” Centellas said.

A local restaurant held a fundraiser that brought in $1,200, and the online fundraiser brought in over $12,000 topping the goal of $10,000.

ABC57 requested the Police dash cam video but the request was denied because it is still under investigation.

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