Football fans preparing for superbowl liv

NOW: Football fans preparing for superbowl liv

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- With Super-Bowl 54 underway, people all over Michiana were celebrating the big game with parties, family, friend, and to some, most importantly food. 

Sunday evening Tim Lane, spoke with ABC57 on how he and his family have been apart of the South Bend Barnaby's tradition for over 50 years.

Lane's brother Mike is the owner of the Mishawaka Barnaby's at the corner of Edison and Grape roads, and has opened the business up to Tim who has come to be quite the pizza connoisseur. 

Lane says that the Super Bowl is certainly one of the busiest days of the year for their home run business. 

In a typical day they sell anywhere from 300 pizza's over the course of a busy day or weekend, while on Super-Bowl Sunday they sell upwards of 600 pizzas.

This falls in line with the days before big holidays like Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas because Lane says that families seem to never want to cook before the big days.

Ultimately the franchise was excited to be needed on such a big day to help feed the fans they have come to know so well over the years. 

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