Football fans seeing big changes coming to Notre Dame's Football stadium

Notre Dame, IN. - All 80,000 Notre Dame fans will see big changes around Notre Dame's stadium this Saturday.

There is an all out push to get ready by game day. Notre Dame has a new plan that will be good for Fighting Irish fans and local businesses.


At the stadium, people have been working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the newly-renovated concession stands.


It's all because Notre Dame contracted the catering company Centerplate to help renovate and operate all 200 concession stands.


Come Saturday, hungry football fans will have a lot more to choose from when they hit the concession stands. All of the 200 stands will have a new look to go along with a brand new menu.


Centerplate, a company originally out of Chicago, says taking on this project was no easy task but workers say they are up for the challenge.


"It's a very big project, Probably on the scale from 1 to 10...I would say it's a 15. So, it's a very big project but it's very exciting. We are very excited to be here," says Centerplae Regional Executive Chef Kip Peters.


Peters says that several of the concessions stands were completely renovated to make room for an industrial-sized kitchen complete with grill stands and carvery stations.


The updated menus will include hand-carved sandwiches are topped with gourmet cheeses and sauces, and of course you cannot forget the kettle chips, which are made from scratch. "They have slight pepper, montreal seasoning. So, we load these up."


These delicacies are not the only thing made with Notre Dame fans in mind.



"It's an Irish popper, it's kind of like a jalapeno popper, but for Notre Dame we put corn beef, sour sauerkraut, and swiss cheese inside the poppers."

Volunteers from non-profit organizations..have been busy training and learning the new menu

 and Peters says all the new additions will definitely help them give back to the community even more than they already are.


In the meantime, fans will now also be able to enjoy shorter line along with all the great food because the concessions stands all have new registers with credit card swipers.


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